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Animal Testing


Is animal testing ethical? Animal testing is where brands test their products ON animals before ensuring it’s safe for human use. Many people dislike this action because harming animals is not right. But it also improves much more people’s lives such as millions, and almost everyone who uses products produced by companies.

Animals can be tested with vaccines, skincare, and really anything.

Animal testing can lead to the end of the lives of many animals. Harm them so much that they can impact the rest of their lives. And many experiments result in suffering deaths, and agonizing pain which is plain cruelty. Maybe soft-hearted animal lovers have wanted to protest against this but animal testing also has its own benefits.

Animal testing HAS saved people’s lives just by not being tested. Ensuring the product is safe for human use of animals are rather cruel but beneficial for humans. Huamn testings sounds even more controversial, and in other words, it’s really just “Animals Lives VS Huamn Lives” which I’m pretty sure we can all agree on Animals lives due it theirs being a lot more “insginificant” and having less impacts on the world.

What do you think? Do you support animal testing?

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