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Four Days in the Average School Week


For some people, a week can feel like an eternity. For others, it may have just flown by. In the average school week, there are five days. From Monday to Friday, for 7 hours a day, we are in our classes taking notes and listening to our teachers. But is it too much for students? School can be very stressful because of academic and social stress, causing students to suffer from anxiety and depression. Fewer school days can improve a student’s academic performance, mental health, and more. 

School can be incredibly stressful for absences, affecting students’ mental health. If school weeks are four days long, it causes better performance and improves mental health among students. Educational Research and Policy Analysis shows that having fewer days in a school week can lead to a calmer and safer school. In this study, researchers made some schools have four days and found less fighting and bullying among students.

Shorter weeks can also improve the overall health of students. Rand Corp collected surveys on a four-day experience in Idaho, New Mexico, and Oklahoma. They found that students’ sleep and physical activity increased, causing them to become healthier and more productive, improving their attendance, behavior, and emotional well-being. Spending less money is also a benefit of having fewer school days because it cuts down on food costs and budget cuts.

While there are some things to consider by not having a smaller week, like getting enough education or students caring less about school, studies show a statistically significant improvement in scores among students. 

Although not all people will think that four-day weeks are a good thing, you should consider the improvements shown by students with fewer days in the week.

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