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How the Extreme Heat Affects People

How the Extreme Heat Affects People

       The extreme heat all over the world this summer is affecting many people. Extreme heat has many effects on people. Some of the effects are dehydration, confusion, memory loss, sunburn, comas, and organ failure. It can also cause burns when people fall on the pavement because the pavement is so hot. Also when people are in extreme heat for a long time it can cause them to not be able to cool themselves down, which can lead to heat stroke. Extreme heat can also worsen chronic illnesses. Extreme heat can also cause damage to organs. 

      The extreme heat is also causing some schools to close or dismiss students early. Some of those schools do not have a cooling system in the school or they need to fix their cooling system. McAuliffe used to not have air conditioning. In the summertime, it was really hot inside the school. 

      To stay safe during a heat wave you should stay hydrated. People should not leave people alone in a hot car. You should also wear sunscreen and a hat when you go out to avoid sunburn. To keep cool you can use fans, air conditioners, draw your curtains, take cool showers, and dress in light loose clothes. 



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