Taylor Swift Eras Tour

Taylor Swift Eras Tour

Lauryn Casey, Author

Taylor Swift the famous singer is currently on her Era’s tour. The Era’s tour is the 6th headlining concert and it will be going on from May 17, 2023, to August 9, 2023. The idea of the Era’s tour is described by Swift as a journey through all of her musical eras.

Throughout Swift’s decades she has always made a special place in people’s hearts. She has made 10 albums and they all have made a special impact. She has won several awards on her albums that are all much deserved as she writes and composes all of her songs.

The Eras Tour. Tickets sold out so fast that the first time they tried to launch the site crashed because so many Swifties were waiting to get tickets. At the Eras Tour because the people that got tickets are so happy they are doing a special thanks to Swift by showing a different color of the rainbow for each section of seats they are in. Swifties that are also going to the show are trading friendship bracelets that say Taylor Swift quotes, song names, etc. On social media platforms people are filming transition videos and other concert related videos.

Taylor Swift has made such an important impact and deserves all the fame she has. Hopefully Swift will put out another album for people that did not get to go to the concert and might have another opportunity. 😉