Outer Banks


Elise Hulsey, Author

Outer Banks is one the most-watched shows nationwide produced by Josh and Jonas Pate. All three seasons of the show have made it to Netflix’s top 10 weekly list. Season three ranked 99 million hours viewed as the first and second seasons ranked 34 million and 27.7 million hours viewed according to Netflix. The show streams only on Netflix based on the “Kooks” (Rich people)  and the “Pogues” (The “working” class). People are crazy about Outer Banks because of the reliability and entertainment it provides all thanks to the cast, Madelyn Cline (Sarah Cameron), Chase Stokes (John B), Rudy Pankow (JJ), Madison Bailey (Kiara), Drew Starky (Rafe Cameron), Jonathan Daviss (Pope), Austin North (Topper), Charles Esten (Ward Cameron), and many more.

The television show has Sarah Cameron (Madelyn Cline) in love with Austin North (Topper) until she sees Chase Stokes (John B) and begins to fall in love with him. She then breaks up with Topper to spend the rest of her life with John B. She is not all that loyal after all, as she cheats on her boyfriend, John B with Topper. She realizes that she wants to be with John B after making a promise to Topper that she would stay with him forever. When Sarah and John B accomplish tons of missions together, they both realize they are the right match for each other and decide to spend the rest of their lives together. 

Outer Banks season one has a total of 10 episodes, each episode averaging about 45 minutes, making the total watch time for the season around 7 ½ hours. The episodes consist of Pilot, The Lucky Compas, The Forbidden Zone, Spy Games, Midsummers, Parcel 9, Dead Calm, The Runaway, The Bell Tower, and The Phantom. Outer Banks takes place in Outer Banks, North Carolina. The main idea surrounds a very close group of teenage friends from the “wrong” side of the island called “The Pogues”. When unexpected events occur the group of friends begins to search for the leader of the group, John B’s missing father.

Season 2 of Outer Banks also consists of 10 episodes each of about 50 minutes. The total watch time for the entire season is about 8 hours and 30 minutes. The episodes are The Gold, The Heist, Prayers, Homecoming, The Darkest Hour, My Druthers, The Cross, Trapped, and The Coastal Venture. After Sarah is kidnapped by her family, the Pogues camp out in one of the shipping containers of their boat to save both her and the stolen cross. A fight between Ward Cameron and John B occurs and though the Pogues manage to escape on a smaller boat, they are forced to leave the cross in the hands of Rafe and Ward Cameron.

Season 3 of Outer Banks encounters 10 episodes, each episode is about 1 hour long, making the average watch time around 10 hours. The episodes include Poguelandia, The Bells, Fathers and Sons, The Diary, Heists, The Dark Forest, Happy Anniversary, Tapping The Rudder, Welcome To Kitty Hawk, and Secret of the Gnomon. The Pogues find themselves out of the Outer Banks and into South America. They’re there to save Big John from Singh, who believes John B can help him break the code of the gnomon that will help lead to the treasure of the gold city – El Dorado.