The Best Premier League Team

KAI OKAMURA and Will Tucker

The Best Premier League team is Manchester City. Although they are second behind Arsenal today March 8, 2023. They have had some amazing goals much better than the leading team Arsenal. He has almost surpassed the top scorer ever in one season and is the top scorer of the league Eerling Holland with 34 goals, the most in one season is 36. And last but not least he usually scores a goal at an astonishing every 80 minutes on the pitch. 

They are at 58 points which is 5 points behind Arsenal but have a 44% chance of winning to the 55% chance that Arsenal has. It is clear that it is either Arsenal or Man City because the closest team is Man United which is 10 points behind Man City and 15 points behind Arsenal and is on a 2 Game losing streak. Man City also has the great Kevin De Brune who is the best center mid and doubly the best passer in the premier league. 

They have unmatched chemistry between Eerling Holland and Kevin De Bruyne. And as we know Eerling Holland is Scoring most of the goals while Kevin De Bruyne is getting most of the assists. While I have only been talking about Eerling Holland and Kevin De Bruyne there are many other good players on the club, such as Rodri, Phil Foden, and Mahrez. Mahrez is the Third highest scorer and second-highest in assists and is an all-around monster. He creates the second most chances to score on the team and is a nice and fun guy being loyal to the team being there in 2018 and staying till today. 

All in all, all of these facts represent why Man City is not just the best team in the Premier League but they’re also going to win the Premier League over Arsenal and many, many, others.