Breckenridge, Vail, Aspen


Charlotte Meredith, Writer

         Did you know that the most popular place to ski in Colorado is the Vail Ski Resort? Did you know that Vail gets at least 300 inches of snow annually? If you are looking for a new place to ski because your current ski resort is getting old, Vail may be the perfect place. Vail is a great place to ski if you are an advanced skier. Its size is substantial, and the lift infrastructure is excellent. If you also enjoy trying out new restaurants or shopping, Vail is perfect for you. The amount of nightlife is high, just like the awards the Vail Ski resort has. However, this ski resort has some downsides. Despite a large amount of Blue runs these slopes have, they aren’t necessarily intermediate and are better for advanced skiers in general.  The crowds that Vail attracts aren’t any fun either, and if you enjoy skiing powder, you should probably find a different ski resort. Finally, Vail doesn’t have good ski-in or ski-out lodging, and you’d be better off finding a different place to ski. 

  If you’ve decided that Vail isn’t for you, you should try skiing in Aspen, Colorado. The Aspen Ski Resort is a great place to ski — but if you’re looking for cheap lodging, you should try somewhere else. Staying in Aspen is very expensive, but it is worth it for some people. In addition to the consistently good weather, cat skiing is available here too. It is such a rare thing, cat skiing is an important part of the Aspen ski resorts and always will make it worth it to stay there. If you aren’t a cat skier, do not worry! In fact, if you aren’t a skier at all but you want to learn how, Aspen has excellent services and faculties, including a ski school. Unfortunately, despite its close proximity to other ski resorts, Aspen does not have interconnecting trails, and you cannot get to another ski resort via the slopes. Also, despite its excellent ski school, Aspen doesn’t provide great terrain for beginners, and it might be hard to find runs to go on after ski school to practice your new skills.

 If the Vail and Aspen ski resorts aren’t your speed, you should try the Breckenridge Ski Resort. If you’re an advanced skier or just a beginner, Breckenridge provides all different types of runs to ski. Some of them are very kid-friendly, and others might be hard enough to challenge advanced skiers. The ski resort also has a great layout, with all of the ski-in ski-out lodging you could ever need. It is also in very close proximity to other ski resorts, so if you’re looking to go from one to another without much hassle, Breck is the place for you! Breckenridge is also great because if you don’t enjoy skiing, the city has a lot of great history to read up on. Walking up Main Street in Breckenridge is fun enough to take up half your day, shopping, eating, and looking at all of the eccentric products Breckenridge provides. But, like all ski resorts, there are some cons. Like Aspen, the Breckenridge ski resort has more than one ski school program, but they always get the right of way in the ski lines, which doesn’t help the traffic. The Breckenridge Ski Resort gets very, very crowded and makes it hard to get in more than a few runs on the mountains per day.  The terrain at the ski resort also gets worn out very quickly, as so many people ski on its terrain. 

    Vail might be nice because it has great advanced runs, but you would need to stay for a few days for the best lodging. Skiing in Aspen might be nice if you’re a beginner, as it has a great program, but the terrain isn’t as well fit for beginners. Finally, Breckenridge is a great place to ski because it has wonderful terrain, but it gets super crowded.