Ref’s Fault for the Los Angeles Lakers’ Horrible Record

Refs Fault for the Los Angeles Lakers Horrible Record

Siah Dennis-Smith, Writer

Is it the ref’s fault for the Lakers’ horrible record?

The Los Angeles Lakers, currently 23-28, are 13th in the western conference and have had a horrible record recently. After the Boston Celtics game (and terrible refereeing) the Lakers are now 23-28 also losing to the Sacramento Kings at the start of the season.

On Jan. 28 the Los Angeles Lakers played at Boston and the score was 105-105 when LeBron James went for the layup to win the game. Jason Tatum fouled LeBron James but the foul call was not called. LeBron broke down as Patrick Beverly walked up to the ref and showed them the foul in 4K. Patrick Beverly was given a technical foul and then the Lakers lost 121-125.

This isn’t the first time the Lakers have lost to horrible Refs, the loss to the 76rs, Mavericks, and Timberwolves. How could the Lakers fix the record? Well obviously winning games, but is it time to trade referees? People across the world agree that they should trade Russel Westbrook but in their next few games, I think they have a shot. They play the Knicks, Pacers, and New Orleans Pelicans. But besides that, we can all agree that the Lakers should get new refs.

Could the Los Angeles Lakers make the playoffs?

Yes, the Lakers COULD make the playoffs, but they have to win the rest of their games because you can only lose 41 games out of the 82 games played in the regular season.