“The Summer I turned Pretty”

The Summer I turned Pretty

Elise Hulsey, Author

 “The Summer I Turned Pretty” is a teen drama on Prime Video, that is based on Belly (Isabel, the main character) when she gets herself into a love triangle between Jeremiah Fisher(One of the brothers) and Conrad Fisher(The other brother). They are average teenagers who have known each other their whole life and Belly has had a crush on Conrad until she starts having feelings for Jeremiah. The show takes place in Wilmington, North Carolina, and was released On June 17, 2022. There is also a book series that the show is based on. The next season of the show is coming out on June 3, 2023.

Belly has loved Conrad since she was 12 but there was a dramatic change when she and Jeremiah kissed in the pool. Jeremiah always had feelings for Belly but never really realized it until he saw Belly and Conrad on the deck together talking. Belly was just swimming in the pool and Jerimish saw Belly so he got in with her but that’s when they came close to each other and kissed. Everybody could tell that Conrad instantly got jealous but he never admitted to it to them. Belly had a ball to attend in a couple of days and she still didn’t have someone to escort her, so that’s when Jeremiah and Conrad’s mom told Conrad to ask Belly to the dance even though he didn’t want to. At Belly’s volleyball tournament, Jeremiah noticed that Conrad has been more social with Belly than he has all summer and he started to believe that Belly still loved Conrad but Taylor (Belly’s best friend) says otherwise. Taylor believes that Jeremiah is the better match for belly because of the way Jeremiah is treating belly. At the end of Belly’s tournament, she found out that Conrad didn’t ask her because he wanted to and that his mom asked him to. 

In the end, Jeremiah started to dance with Belly at the ball but found out his mom had cancer when Corad already knew. So Conrad finished it for her. When Jerimiah found out that Conrad knew Jeremiah and Conrad started to fight but their mom ran over and stopped it. That’s when Everybody found out about her cancer. The overall theme of this article is to never take something for granted because if you do Bad things can happen to you.