Argentina Moves on with Lionel Messi’s Magic

Argentina Moves on with Lionel Messis Magic

Logan Rustici and Luca Robinson

Lionel Messi put on a sensational display as he helped Argentina secure a spot in the World Cup final with a comfortable 3-0 victory over Croatia on Tuesday. Messi led them by scoring a penalty in 34 minutes becoming Argentina’s all-time leading goal scorer at the World Cup finals and shortly after Alvarez scored a goal with some good ball control turning it to a 2-0 at the half. Though the question is can Messi win the World Cup in his final year playing at the world cup and end his World Cup career in a good state? They will play France on Sun Dec 18 at 8 a.m. He said after the game “Throughout the World Cup it has been incredible what we have experienced. We are going to play the final which is what we wanted” 

Croatia wanted possession as they had with Brazil circulated the ball well but Argentina kept their defense and they couldn’t find a way through.

Alvarez squandered any Croatian hopes in the 69th, tapped in a cross from Messi after he tricked his way past a defender on the right to pick out his teammate in the box who sealed Croatia’s tournament exit. Messi also said after the game “We have gone through some tough situations, some very good ones. Today we are experiencing something spectacular.” Argentina have won the World Cup twice in 1978 and 1986. They lost their first game but Messi said that only helped them advance and get better. Everyone thought they wouldn’t make it through the group stage because they lost to Saudi Arabia everyone thought they lost all of their touch and Messi was going to go out on the group stage Messi said NO and he played at his best the rest of the games they have had until now

While Croatia did come back against Brazil they could not come back from this game. So the ultimate question is if Messi can use his magic touch for the last game of his World Cup career and go out in a big array of fireworks.