Teen Kicks Opponent with Skate During Hockey Game


Chase Renschen, Author

A teen was cited for assault after kicking another player in the head with a skate during a youth hockey game. During a youth hockey game, the east high school JV hockey team was on a five-on-three powerplay and playing against the u18 Arapahoe warriors rec team in a tournament a player on the east team was on the ground in the corner the Arapahoe player seemed to be caught on the east players stick and responded by turning around and kicking him in the head.

The teens had to be separated by referees who made the decision to end the game due to the impact of the incident, the tournament director said. ¨The teens were placed in separate locker rooms and the teams were escorted off the property to avoid any further confrontation.¨ The victim was identified by his father as 15-year-old Xander Keenan, who had some bruising but will be okay. Keenan told police after the incident that he had a headache but did not have any cuts to his face, head, or neck (luckily).

after the incident, the Arapahoe player stated ¨I realized that I could have killed him¨ This statement just goes to show that his reaction was totally unreasonable and that his actions should never be repeated and he could have seriously could have hurt the other player and that he was rightfully charged with assault and may face an extended leave from the organization. His actions on that ice could have killed or seriously hurt the other player and all because of one simple misunderstanding

The victim then said he felt three kicks to his head, and then saw the player fighting the victim’s teammates in the corner, according to the report. The victim also said he did not have any previous issues with the suspect before the kicking incident happened. The suspect then said he understood his reaction to the situation was unreasonable the report says. ¨When the officer asked about any issues leading up to the kicking, the suspect said the victim was: “pissing him off and based on just s— talking, just being a nuisance and picking at you.” The victim claimed that ¨he wasn’t ¨verbally abusing the other player¨ and that he had done nothing wrong¨ The actions performed were unreasonable and shouldn’t be repeated ever.