“Friends” Forever


Eila Behl, Reviewer

The series “Friends” was an iconic production starting in the early 90’s carrying on for 10 years, with an outstanding cast the show really blew the world away.

“Friends” is about three men and three women who live in New York City. The show continues on about their lives and how their friendship became closer every single day. The cast of the series included Lisa Kudrow, Courteney Cox, David Schimmer, Matthew Perry, Jennifer Aniston, and Matt Leblanc. The cast never knew each other before and some said that it was a little awkward at first, but as they grew closer in the show they also became best buddies in reality. 

Jennifer Aniston who portrayed the bratty Rachel Green did an outstanding job with fitting into the role so well. Rachel Green was introduced into the first episode after she ran out of her wedding. She played an important role and the entire show would be lost without her.

Courteney Cox, who acted as Monica Geller, was the glue that held the gang together. In the series she was a funny and a way too organized person. Monica was there since the very beginning of day one. She is an important piece to the “Friends” puzzle.

Matthew Perry who played Chandler Bing brought the party for sure. He had incredible jokes. He could always make a dark room light again by just speaking. He had special bonds with all the cast members and was a vital part of the family.

David Schwimmer, the amazing Ross Geller, who made everyone feel like a part of the family. Ross was the brother of Monica. He and Rachel were in love but had a past. With every episode he brought a new kind of spark. 

Matt Leblanc who played the classic Joey Tribiani was a major part of the cast. He brought hilarious moments to every episode. Moments that made the entire world break out in laughter. Adding more, he had the famous catch phrase, “How you doin??” 

Lisa Kudrow who was known on screen as Phoebe Buffat made the whole cast as a whole. She played a woman who lost her mom and lived through many lives. She was a hippy who believed in things that held the other characters back.

All the characters of the amazing sitcom made every person in the world feel like they were there. They had incredible chemistry and a special love for one another that could never be recreated or broken. “Friends” broke history and we appreciate the crew for creating the special series.