McAuliffe International Brown Girls Dreaming Group

McAuliffe International  Brown Girls Dreaming Group

Janeh Elias Batson

At Mcauliffe International it is important to recognize our culture. This group is so important because we as a community need to make our uniqueness a priority. This group helps young girls realize no matter what we can be leaders. As a young black woman there is a lot of judgment. There is no reason that we should announce that we are a priority, we should already be one. I love that we have this club because it encourages us to be        


Ms.Moore is so important to this school, because she is a black female leader. She has encourage friendship, self esteem, and confidence. These traits are really helpful towards success. She helps us understand that our skin color is an advantage not a disadvantage. This helps girls follow their passions no matter what. This also gives these girls a lot of confidence. This group is so powerful and has a big impact on us as a school.