Why Do Schools Have Uniforms?

Graham Hyde, Writer

In a recent survey of Ms. Walsh’s Journalism classes, black shirts were found to be her favorite dress code color of McAuliffe. In a Google Form, 46 people took the survey and 16 people or 34.8% of people chose black, while 50% chose black or the grey/black lines. Nobody chose khaki pants, which very few people wear. The uniform choices consist of black, grey, or khaki bottoms, with a McAuliffe top. A surprising amount of people manage to sneak past the dress code. With the teachers closely monitoring the uniform situation, it is a wonder about how many middle schoolers are con artists.

A question that most people asked before coming to McAuliffe is, “Why do I have to wear a uniform?” The main answers are:

  1. It focuses on your education, not your clothes, but it also doesn’t give bullies any material to attack with.
  2. It also makes your teacher think better of your person. They would appreciate you more if you always did the right thing. Some schools will occasionally have optional days, but if your school has uniforms, those days are very infrequent.

McAuliffe’s uniforms are very effective in their specified purposes, and unless the teacher opinion changes drastically, whether you like it or not, McAuliffe uniforms are here to stay.