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7th Grade Behavior at the End of the Year


Everybody from the beginning of the school year thinks of the end of the school year and waits till the beginning of the next summer. Well, at the beginning of the year, you think you will either be doing really well in your classes or not even showing up to many classes. But you’d be surprised at the amount of students that don’t do much of anything near the end of the school. 

Near the end of school, many kids put in much less effort and talk back a lot more. They do this because at the beginning of the year, the students are just testing how far they can go before the teacher gets mad at them. Also by the end of the year, they are more used to the teachers at the end of the year so they know the teacher doesn’t care as much.

Not only is it because of the students being more used to the teacher it also might be a bit from the teacher. You may be wondering how the teachers are somewhat part of this behavior. Well, the teachers just end up stopping caring about the students as much because they don’t have another month of arguing with them to do their work instead they only have a few weeks left that they have to push through. So if the teacher only has to push through the last bit of the year, the rules will be way less enforced and kids tend to take advantage of that. Hope you enjoyed the reason behind the kids and behavior.

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