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Why Journalism Should Still Be an Elective


Unfortunately, Journalism is no longer going to be an elective next year. Journalism is such a good elective for people who like to write, which is a lot of kids these days. It is a very fun activity for people. 

One of the reasons McAuliffe should keep Journalism is because of Mrs. Walsh. She is super nice and very flexible with kids. If they remove journalism they remove Mrs. Walsh, which removes a great person from the community. Lots of teachers will be super depressed because she is not around. I know lots of people are really good friends with Mrs. Walsh. As I was asking the teachers and students about Journalism, they simply said that Mrs. Walsh is a good teacher and a great friend. Also every kid who has gone to journalism really likes it. 

Another reason why Journalism should stay is because a lot of kids really like writing and creative activities. New sixth graders might really want to do Journalism and lots of people are super interested in it. 

Also who is going to do the yearbook? Mrs. Walsh is the one who did it and now that she is gone who is going to do it? The yearbook is a key part to every school so getting rid of it would be really horrific. Some people might want to look back at their old middle school yearbook and show it to their grand kids or kids. Also yearbook photos are a big deal to some people and might really want to express themselves. 

Press passes are another reason why the school should not get rid of journalism. Press passes are really fun, you get to go out and interview people and some people love to be interviewed. Reading articles is fun too! People  definitely want to know about what’s going on in the school. 

Overall people are going to be really sad that she is leaving and are going to be sad that journalism is over.

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Hadley Voss, writer
My name is Hadley voss I'm in 6th grade and I like to draw. In my free time I like to watch TV in my free time because they are entertaining to watch. I really like to write entertaining things because I feel if you're not writing something entertaining it's boring and no one really wants to read boring things they want to be interested.