Field Trip Nightmare (Part Two)

Natalie Turc, Author/Journalist

Field Trip Nightmare (Part two)

Previously in part one of the story, the four girls Camille, Ruby, Abby, and Lucky were too loud after seeing the bear outside and the bear attacked their cabin because the bear heard the four girls talking. While the bear attacked the four girls, Camille got scratched on the arm and passed out after losing a good about of blood.

A bright light shone into my eyes as I woke up. My arm still throbbed and I had no idea who or where I was at the moment. I sat there for a while until I remembered everything. I looked around me and saw all types of machines and a scent of sanitizer lingered in the air. I peeked out the window to see the sun rising from the horizon. A few moments later, a person dressed as a nurse walked into the room.

“You’re awake!” She gasped.

She hurried to my side and asked, “Are you feeling okay? Do you need anything?”

“I’m fine. Are my friends okay?” I responded.

“Yes, they’re actually here. Let me go get them.” She said,

After a little while, all of my friends followed the nurse into the room. They were still dressed in their pj’s. 

“You’re okay! Thank god!” Ruby exclaimed as she ran over to me. 

Abby and Lucky followed.

“Are you guys okay?” I asked them.

They all nodded and told me what happened after I passed out. 

“After you passed out, the bear broke through the door and we thought we couldn’t get out of there, but luckily there was some perfume in the bathroom that Lucky sprayed into the bear’s eyes. That gave us enough time to lift you and all get out of the cabin. Teachers were already outside and they had already called 911 cause they pretty much knew what was going on. The police arrived and had to shoot the bear, sadly.” Abby started.

“Even though the bear was trying to kill us, it still was pretty cute and fluffy.” Ruby interrupted. “Sorry, keep going.”

So Abby continued, “Then the ambulance arrived and we all got in and drove to the hospital. They immediately brought you into this room and we didn’t see you for hours. We waited and waited and here we are now.” 

I took a moment to process everything and then asked,

“Is my arm okay?”

“Yeah, the nurse said it was just a little blood loss. But you’ll be fine.” Ruby said.

I sighed and finally relaxed the most I have since yesterday evening. 

“The police said the bear was probably hungry, that’s why it came to our campsite. Then once it heard us talking, it came to our cabin.” Lucky said.

“Bears must have really good hearing to have heard us chatting,” I responded.

They all nodded in agreement and sat down next to me. We talked for a while until it was time for breakfast. I couldn’t get up just yet, so all four of us ate in the hospital room together.


Fast forward a couple of days, I got back home and I saw my family. I missed them a lot. I have a large bandage around my arm that will be there for a while, but that’s alright. The doctors said I probably will have a scar from that bear attack for the rest of my life, but that’s okay. It makes me look tough. It’s definitely taught me to NEVER keep food where you don’t want bears to find it.  Unless you really want a scar so you can also look tough, I don’t recommend you try to get bears to attack you. Seriously, don’t do it.