Chewing Gum At School To Focus

Janeh Elias Batson, Jada Davasion

Chewing gum makes students in class help focus. But MIS won’t let us have gum. We aren’t allowed to chew gum because students stick it under desks, put it on the carpet, and in other places except for the trash. But why can’t other kids have gum because of what others are doing? 


Some kids are allowed to chew gum because of 504. If it helps kids with 504 chew gum focus but it can also help us. The mere act of chewing helps keep distractions away. Chewing gum helps a kid focus on what they are doing and puts all of the distractions aside. Students may get their work done! Chewing gum can help you stay focused for longer on tasks. Previous research has shown that chewing gum can improve concentration in visual memory tasks. This study focused on the benefits of chewing gum during an audio memory task. Chewing gum helped with a three percent increase in standard math test scores, a small but significant change. Students who chewed gum had final grades that were better than those who didn’t chew gum. According to (Effects Of Chewing Gum On Mood, Learning, Memory And Performance Of On Intelligence Test)                                        

Chewing gum helps students concentrate, helps with stress, and keeps students awake. ¨At MIS 75 % will take care of their privilege of having gum the other 25% wouldn’t,¨ our 7th grade Dean Mrs.Garfield stated. So overall gum can and cannot be a good privilege for students.