Prank Calls Put Multiple Schools Under Lock-Down

Olympia Mays, Author

A possible threat was made at multiple schools across Colorado when someone prank called the police or “swat called” them at approximately 1:54 pm, causing multiple schools to go into lockdown. On Sep 19, 2022, at 1:54 pm the Denver Police got a call from someone they assumed was a teacher saying there was a threat at East High School and gave a suspect description. The police immediately put the school into lockdown as they began to arrive at the scene. The S.W.A.T team also arrived, checking the school for threats.

After about 35 minutes the students were evacuated to the football field. Because of the high temperatures, some had to go to the hospital because of heat exhaustion. After 2 hours, the students were sent home. But this was not the only swatting call the police had got. Montrose High School and Alamosa High School also got these calls around the same time as East did. All three of the calls were from the same number, and the police are investigating the source of the call, and if caught, they will face local and federal charges.