The Never Ending Debate


Vyaan Chopra and Russo Vesceri

School start times have been a considerable debate for as long as anyone can remember. Should it be 9-4, 8-3, or even 7-2? We interviewed a 6th grader with a sister who is currently in 8th grade.  When asked about the school start times he said that he “Wished school started earlier and that he would rather wake up early and be home early rather than wake up late and be home later.” He would prefer it to start at 8 and end at 3 because that isn’t too early. He also said we should have a rotating schedule which means that the classes rotate daily. This could help students show an even amount of effort in every period. He also said that they should have 5 classes, 1 hour each. He wants the old schedule. He would like it if we stopped at about 3:30, “That was not learning more, we were just there for less time.” 

What’s your opinion? When should we end/start school? Why do you think this is important?