One Of Us Is Lying

One Of Us Is Lying

Taylor Holthus, Writer

“One of us is Lying” is a murder mystery book. It’s a very interesting book, the type you don’t want to put down. I would rate this a good 10/10 because it was a really good book. I would recommend this book for 5th grade and up because it is inappropriate for age groups below 10.


One day in BayView high school, four innocent teens are sent to detention for having their phones. All of them say that the phones aren’t theirs but the teacher doesn’t believe it. Mysteriously a little car crash happens outside but the car’s speed off. Next thing they know, Simon is dead. Bronwyn, the brain, Addy, the beauty, Cooper, the star athlete, and Nate, the criminal, are all suspects for Simon’s murder. All the police know is that Simon died because of peanut oil in his cup. The four become known as the “BayView four” or “The murder club”. Simon might have been murdered because he was about to reveal secrets of all of the BayView four and they didn’t want the information to get out… or another reason. Bronwyn: Cheated on her big test. Addy: Cheated on her boyfriend. Cooper: Is gay. Nate… well, he’s the criminal and the biggest suspect for Simon’s murder. So who killed Simon? Or did someone kill Simon?


Karen M McManus is best known for “One of us is Lying”. She is the author of young adult fiction books. She also writes “One of us is Lying”’s sequel, “One of us is Next” including new characters. 


“One of us is Lying” has won two awards, The CBC Teen Choice Book Award nominee and A Goodreads Best Young Adult Book of the Year nominee. It definitely deserves them.