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Are The New Overtime Rules Costing the 49ers the Superbowl?


Superbowl 58 was a crazy game with many crazy things happening like 3, 50+ field goals in that one game compared to only 7, 50+ field goals in the other 57 Super Bowl games, the game going to overtime making it the second time in history, But the craziest part of the game was the debut of the first time with the new overtime rule.

 The new playoff overtime rules include 15-minute periods instead of the 10-minute overtime period in the regular season. If the team that got the ball first doesn’t score a touchdown, or if the score is tied after each team has possessed the ball, the next score would win. And now the new overtime rules that ensure both teams get a chance to possess the ball before the game ends unless the first drive in OT ends with a safety.

  This caused some outcry and tension after star 49ers DL Arik Armstead admitted that he didn’t know about the postseason overtime rules until they put them on the big screen at Allegiant Stadium. “They put it on the scoreboard, and everyone was like ‘Oh, even if you score, they still get a chance,’”. This caused 49ers fans to be mad saying the mindset of the player can be different not knowing the new rules and the NFL needed to make it clearer. 

 Fullback for the 49ers Kyle Jusceck also didn’t know the rules saying didn’t even realize that playoff rules were different in overtime, so I assumed you just wanted the ball to score a touchdown and win.” To ESPN reporters. As well Fred Warner speaking about him not knowing either.

All to say the 49ers fans were not happy. Going on rants on several social media platforms saying it was unfair and the Chiefs came in with knowing and talking about it while numerous  49ers players expected we score we win which fans explained changes your mindset on the game and how you play. All in all, it was a very crazy Super Bowl with only the second time in history that a Super Bowl went to overtime and the crazy new rule that may or may not have won the San Francisco 49ers the Super Bowl.


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