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My predictions for the 2023-2024 NFL awards


While I want Tyreek Hill to win MVP and I think if there was a year where a non-qb would win it would be this year with CMC having a great year too. Lots of the usual candidates have not played at an MVP level this year with Dak starting strong and then choking away his MVP chances alongside it being “their year”. Mahomes is playing great but it’s hard when your best receiver is a rookie out of SMU. Tua started off strong but apparently, it was too cold for him to keep his chances alive. Purdy has been great but the games without Deebo and Trent Williams showed he can’t do anything alone. Jalen Hurts has been a victim of Nick Sirianni. The only QB worthy of this title is Lamar and that’s for good reason. Lamar is currently leading a super bowl looking team even with Mark Andrews hurt. This will be his second MVP and you can make a strong argument for 2 best QBs. 


Offensive player of the year

There are two main people for this spot as of now, the Cheetah and CMC. Both of them have put up great numbers and are indisputably the best in their respective areas. Tyreek Hill is known for his speed but is great at everything. I mean this man is a literal tree stump and has produced in different systems and different years. McCaffrey has a history of trying to hurdle and getting hurt and wasn’t nearly as good with the Panthers. In terms of stats Hill is better but I still believe this award will go to CMC this year. Same as the MVP race no quarterbacks stand out to win this award. 


Defensive player of the year

Defensive Player of the Year right now is looking like Myles Garret which I completely agree with as he has shown every year he is as good and if not better than Aaron Donald. I also think this could be Micah Parsons who has played phenomenal but not quite at the same level as Myles Garret. Garret is on the d-line of the Browns who just made it to the playoffs. If you told anyone before the season started that the Browns made it to the playoffs they would say “Nick Chubb must have had a great year alongside Deshaun Watson returning to his all-pro year back in Houston”. In fact Baker Mayfield, the guy who the browns traded to get Watson has played significantly better. Deshaun also got hurt and has only played in 6 games this season. Nick Chubb blew out his knee and hasn’t played in lots of games, but no it was Joe Cool and Myles Garret to lead them to the playoffs. 


Offensive rookie of the year

 I’m pretty sure you can’t win Rookie of the Year and Offensive Rookie of the Year but if you can CJ will do it. If you can’t then I think it’ll be Puka Nacua. Puka is a WR for the Rams and has had one of the best rookie seasons of all time for receivers. This man took the league by storm coming out of the University of Washington. Before that, he was a 4 star athlete from Orem High School in Utah. He was picked in the 5th round at the 177 pick in the 2023 NFL draft. Because of this no one expected him to explode onto the scene quite like he did. From his rookie season he had 6TDs, 1,486 yards with an average of 14.2 yards per catch. All of this should win him OROY.


Defensive rookie of the year

Right now the two people looking to win this award are Jalen Carter a DT for the Eagles and Will Anderson JR. who plays for the Texans and is a defensive end. I really think this could go either way but the Nfl is way to stubborn to give Roty and Droty both to Texans players so therefore I believe it will be Jalen Carter. Jalen Carter played for Georgia and was a big part of that Championship team. He has played great this year and is very promising. He was projected top five in the draft before off the field issues tanked his stock. No surprise he landed on the Eagles since he’s from Georgia. On the season he has totaled 6 sacks which is pretty good especially considering he is on the Eagles which is already filled with talent. That is why Jalen Carter will win DROY. 


Rookie of the year

CJ Stroud is rookie of the year. There isn’t a lot to say about this one, I mean just look at his stats. He has 4,108 yards, 23 TDs, 5 INT, and an average QBR of 57.4 according to ESPN. He led the league in TD, INT ratio which is unheard of from a rookie. Plus he did this with the Texans who had a plan with their rookies(WIll Anderson JR. who will be mentioned later) to set them up for succes quick and get the rebuild moving fast. CJ Stroud is the future of the NFL and even has his own dance called the quabble already. This is why CJ will win this with ease.


Comeback player of the year

Tua and Damar Hamlin are the two people I believe have the greatest chance of winning Comeback player of the year. Damar Hamlin last season suffered cardiac arrest on the field causing the 

game to be canceled. The medical team ran on the field and saved his life right there. While this is nothing short of a Miracle especially considering he is playing again now. Tua has also had a great comeback. Last year there were lots of concerns around him with some saying that was going to be one of his last years with the Dolphins. This year however he lead an insane Dolphins offense that could score points in one play with passing and gash with the run game. To be fair he had a track team around him with Tyreek Hill, Jaylen Waddle, Achane, and Raheem Mostert. He dosn’t have crazy arm strengh or super fast but his accuracy and anticipation are some of the best if not the best in the league. With this though he is called a game manager and a system quarterback which I agree with but it gets the job done(except for when it’s cold). Damar on the other hand hasn’t done a lot this year except for show uo and play some snaps which is more than anyone thought he would do. In general I do think it’s going to go to Damar Hamlin.


Coach of the year

There are a couple possibilities for this award. You have Kevin Stefanski:Browns, 

Dan Cambell:Lions, and DeMeco Ryans:Texans. While all of these are Great coaches I think one stands out from the others. That guy is Kevin Stefanski but before we talk about that Masterpiece we need to talk about Dan Cambell. Without him this Lions team would have never made it to the playoffs and would maybe never break the Lions curse which hasn’t been done yet. The only thing is he’s addicted to going for it on 4th down. I know the players and fans love it but there’s some situations where you have to take the field goal. Hence why they aren’t in the super bowl. DeMeco Ryans has done a great job and I’m sure will win this award in the future because his team is taking over the NFL. THe only reason why he wouldn’t win this is because of one man. That guy is the Browns coach Kevin Stefanski. I already talked a little about the browns team but it’s hard to make the playoffs just because your the browns first of all. Second, your star running back was hurt most of the season, and the biggest one the quarterback spot. Started with Deshaun who wasn’t playing great and then got hurt. Then P.J. Walker who isn’t even on the team now being waived. Then the rookie out of UCLA Dorian Thompson-Robinson who didn’t do a whole lot and now to Joe Flacco. Anyway to make the playoffs as the Browns is an accomplishment enough to give him this award.

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