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Academic Stress Affects Students


Research shows that academic stress causes students to feel stressed unmotivated because they feel like work is going to keep piling up that is  causing students to lose motivation and the urge to learn this can alos cause depression and anxiety you can also stop this from happening to you by cathing up on missing asments so they dont pile up academic stress can be hard on student and studes show that the more work that teachers give to do at home makes them feel overwhelmed causing them not to do it and the more pressure the more stress can i have serous aficts on students mentel health this is why we shoud fined ways to help them  get there work done so it dosent piele up on them and make time for them to do it in class this will create a helther environment for students and help them not have stress crushing them when we could help them with all the stres and help them catch up and not feal like there is no way out of this prusher there are ways you can catch up by  talking to your teacher to see if you can have a extension on missing work or un finished  work make time and days to cathup on missing work and make shur to give your self brakes or you can get tired and no want to do anything   and set remindanders for when they need to be turned in and reward your self with sumthing after you get done with all your work this will likey help you because you want that reword. Academic pressure can take a huge toll on your mental health try to tell your parent or guardian about how much school is stressing there is and have them cooperate with you they will try to help because they know what it is like to have school stressing you out. and if you feel like you can’t talk to your parent or guardian talk to a trusted adult it could be an uncle a antie a teacher or any adult in your life so you can overcome these academic challenges.

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