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Students Think They Are Sneaky


In school, students get assignments online all the time but sometimes they don’t want to do them so they cheat and “try” to trick their teachers. Students will trick their teachers by using their computers in different ways to get out of the work. 

One way that is very common with students is fake typing. When students want to get out of writing assignments they fake type and pretend to concentrate on the work, instead, they play games and get out of the work.

Another trick is tilting the screen. Students will angle their computers away from the teacher making sure it is in their blind spot and then they will be able to do anything they want on that device. When the teacher starts to walk around the classroom all someone has to do is quickly switch tabs and fake typing, fooling the teacher yet again. 

Students will also put their phones in front of the computer and text, play games, and watch TikTok, the idea was that the teachers would have no clue because the students would look like they are focusing on their computer when they are just playing hooky on their work.

Students could get away with a ton of stuff if they try hard enough, which is weird because the very thing they want to avoid: school work, requires as much effort, maybe even less, as trying to get out of it. But the question is, are the teachers as oblivious as the students think or are they just letting it happen? 

Some teachers realize what’s happening and confront the students but other teachers are just clueless about the sneaky things happening in the classroom. I would say that if you are trying to get out of the work these methods will work 30% of the time and the other times, is just luck. Despite this, don’t try and get out of work. As soon as you finish, then you’re free!

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