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Bathroom Switch At Mcauliffe

Bathroom Switch At Mcauliffe

At McAullife International students have been very confused since the bathroom switch happened. Ms.Frenzel and all the other staff have decided to switch bathrooms due to the boys destroying the walls, urinals, and stalls, knocking down a wall, and making a huge switch so the boys would have the girl’s bathroom. Many girls have become very frustrated due to this switch.
We interviewed Kai Anya and she said “It’s not the girl’s fault! It’s all the boy’s fault! [saying] all the bad boys go there to vape or/and smoke… It doesn’t make any sense!!”. Showing not only frustration but also annoyance. We also talked to a 7th grade boy and he said “We should be allowed to go to the 6th grade bathroom instead… and I don’t like how we always have to sign in”. It seems like even some of the boys are not happy with the idea of switching restrooms with the girls. The reason for the bathroom switch at McAullife International was due to the boys causing extensive damage to their bathroom. As a result, the staff decided to switch the bathrooms to give the boys a chance to repair their restroom and make it usable again.
However, this switch has caused frustration and annoyance among many of the girls who now have to use the boys’ bathroom. Ms.Frenzel hasn’t and (probably won’t) reveal any further information so we asked a teacher Ms.Walsh “I don’t think that they (staff) had much of a choice… eventually we won’t even have any bathrooms to use anymore…”. So even the teachers at MIS don’t have much to do.

Do you think it was the boys’ fault?

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  • Hope-JuneDec 13, 2023 at 8:58 am

    It was the boy’s fault! We should get the big bathroom and they get the small bathroom.

    • Barros-AnselmoDec 13, 2023 at 10:40 am

      i agree!

    • Dylan TriebelJan 23, 2024 at 2:27 pm

      for real, it’s so annoying