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The Mr. Dennis Scandal

The Mr. Dennis Scandal

McAuliffe International School principal was fired during the summer of 2023 to a 6-1 vote on the school board leading to a lawsuit on July 3, 2023. In an act of retaliation against Kurt Dennis the Denver Public Schools District Board fired him for speaking out against the student pat down policy. The pat-down policy allowed students who were under investigation for violent charges to come to school and be patted down by weaponless staff. This didn’t sit right with Dennis leading him to speak out to the public addressing his safety concerns for the students and staff in the building. 

The school board later found justification to fire Dennis through the school’s de-escalation or seclusion room. A whistle-blower at McAuliffe informed the DPS school board that students, specifically students of color, were being locked into this room. The room was put under investigation and Mr. Dennis was named as one of the offenders by the board. On Aug 24th the board made their final decision to terminate the principal in a 6-1 vote. 

After being fired, Kurt Dennis decided to take action and sue the school board members for violating his First Amendment right, freedom of speech. David Lane, who is representing Dennis as his attorney says, “DPS has concocted excuse after excuse for firing the guy and now they will get to explain to a federal judge and jury why they are punishing Kurt Dennis for exercising his right to free speech.” 

Media and documents were presented by Dennis proving to the public that everything Dennis did was justified in his comments and he didn’t break any speech laws. Firing someone for lawful off-duty activity is prevented in the state of Colorado and Mr. Dennis’ speech was lawful so DPS was not justified in firing him for that reason. 

There has not been a court date yet and everyone on the DPS board and students are waiting for the final verdict of the lawsuit. 

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  • Barros-AnselmoDec 11, 2023 at 4:45 pm

    good job!

  • AutumnDec 5, 2023 at 10:17 am

    Bring him back!