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Issues at McAuliffe


There are many issues with McAuliffe International School.

The first is that classes should be shorter. Have you ever been in a class that feels just so long that you slug off and don’t feel the need to do your best? I know I have. These classes last an hour and forty-five minutes, and that’s way too long, especially if you are only going to give us a five-minute passing period. You, as teachers, have students sit there for an hour and forty-five minutes while you teach and sometimes don’t let students use the bathroom. After that, you expect students to use the bathroom go to our locker if needed, and make it to class on time, which is difficult for many people, especially with the positioning of bathrooms throughout the school.

 On the 6th grade floor, it’s difficult to access the bathrooms for girls in either house. For the girls, the bathroom is positioned in the “middle” of the hallway. It is a lot closer to the south side, as, on the 6th-grade floor, there is the library in the middle of the hall. The boys, on the other hand, have two bathrooms on the second floor, which is unfair to girls. Also, kids that are non-binary don’t even have any bathrooms on the second floor, which is quite sad because we should all know that we need to treat everybody, as a human and not giving them a bathroom is just not right.

On the 7th grade floor there is no sense to how they arranged this they have one of the girls’ bathrooms on the south side and then again in the “middle”. but then the boys they have only had one on the north side. Again the school gives us 5 minutes and boys can’t run down the hall get to their locker and get to class also some teachers hold their students for several minutes after the bell. All of this is absolute madness and we could just maybe create a plan for a group to maybe come in during the summer and fix this.

Next is the elevator  situation. As a kid who is in a wheelchair, I am upset with the way some kids act with these things. Kids come up with all kinds of excuses to use the elevator and then they scream, yell, jump, etc., which may cause the elevator to break, which would not be fair to the kids who need it. Some of the excuses I have heard are ridiculous (ex. “My wrist hurts” or “I have a headache”). I understand sometimes we all just want a break from the loud, crowded stairways and hallways, but you also need to respect the people who need it more than you and not jump and what-not. The elevator is a tool, not a bouncy castle. This also goes for the ramp; stop blocking it! It is annoying for people who need it! These are all real issues and they are all fixable, so please, let’s move forward and try to do better as a community.


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Hi my name is Claire Orsborn i'm in 6th grade at McAuliffe and i really enjoy horseback riding. One thing i enjoy doing in my free time is baking because i like to eat the end result. My favorite thing to write about is food/travel because i enjoy deciding if it is good or not.

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