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Where is this So-Called “AC”

Where is this So-Called “AC”

Ms. Frenzel informed us that the air conditioner (AC) has been added to the school this year, 2023, to give us cooler classrooms to help us focus better. But I and many others have noticed that this “AC” doesn’t work in most of the classrooms. Last year, as we all know, the heat was impossible, but fortunately we were supposed to get AC in a year or two. During our first morning meeting, we were told that the AC was added to the school. However, lots of students have noticed how hot it can get in some classrooms. We were able to conclude that in most of the classrooms, the AC doesn’t work.

At this time I have asked a few different attendence workers and no one knows what the companies(s) are called so, I will be calling it the AC company.
According to Ms. Frenzel, the AC company has been working on the AC as long as she has been working here, and each year the AC company always tells her they’ll get AC in. So, they have been working on the AC for 10 years maybe more.
There is, in fact, AC, just the fans are broken, which is why some of the AC works in some classrooms but isn’t anywhere else. The school ordered new fans around a month ago and they don’t know when they’re coming. Ms. Frenzel just wants everyone to know, “Everyone should be grateful.”
So hold on everyone, AC is coming.

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  • Brady HydeNov 29, 2023 at 3:40 pm

    it’s here. I’ve felt it most days

  • Vera M.A.Nov 15, 2023 at 12:52 pm

    I want AC. It gets hot.