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Three Underrated Sports That Everybody Should Try


We all know and love sports like soccer, basketball, and football. But would you ever try a sport like rock climbing or ultimate frisbee? These sports are just as fun as some of the more common games and just as exciting too. There is a great option for everybody, whether you like water sports, recreational sports, or fast paced sports. 


Whether you like stand up paddleboarding or just going to the pool on a sunny day, kayaking is a fun water sport that you will love! Kayaking is a sport where you get into a very small boat and use a double-sided paddle to steer yourself through water, usually a river with a moderate flow. If you are a more competitive person, there are all kinds of competitive kayak races in the mountains. If you prefer to play recreational sports, you can also kayak with your family or friends just for fun. Kayaking is a great option for people who enjoy water sports. 


If you like fast paced, energetic sports, then ultimate frisbee is the game for you. The simplest way to play ultimate frisbee is on a field, with two end zones on either side of the field. Two teams of around seven players compete, and you score points by passing the frisbee to somebody who is standing in the end zone. Just like kayaking, you can play ultimate frisbee in competitive games, tournaments, and just for fun. There are ultimate frisbee leagues all over the place, and we have a team here at McAuliffe if you think ultimate frisbee is the new sport for you. 


Some people may not think rock climbing is a sport, but if you start to climb you will realize it definitely is. It gives you just as much exercise as a more common sport, and you can do it inside and outside. It varies in all level of difficulty, and if you climb indoors there are signs underneath the wall that says what level it is. A great place to start climbing is at Ubergrippen, which is close to Central Park. Just like kayaking and ultimate frisbee, rock climbing can be competitive or you can just do it for fun. Ubergrippen holds climbing competitions on weekends sometimes and it is very easy to sign up. If you like a sport that you can keep getting better at no matter what, you should try rock climbing. 

More common sports can be hard to get into because they are so popular, but these sports are reasonably easy to start doing because they are not very popular and not too many people do them. Because of this, these sports are great options if you want to try something new and exotic.

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Clary Brown, Author
My name is Clary, and I am in 8th grade. I really like dogs and art. Outside of school, I do rock climbing and all kinds of art. My favorite thing to write about is local news because it is events that actually happened in our community.

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