Shark tank

Shark tank

“Shark Tank” is a show where people bring in their companies and investors (Sharks) to see if they think it is a good enough business to invest in. Most businesses start by saying what they need and what they are going to give them, like for example, you could need 20,000 dollars for 25% of your company you would give to the one shark that takes the offer but they can also negotiate for a better or “worse” deal. We are in sixth grade and have been given the challenge to take on making a product and showcasing it to investors. It’s a tough project and requires a lot of time and effort.

The rules to make this project is, you need to find a product that doesn’t excite you or find one that does and make it your own. Then you have to make a business plan and find a name and a logo for your product but it is not as easy as it sounds, We have about 1 month to fish in a project which sounds like a lot of time, but it is not. It’s a challenge having to create a business plan, a slide show, the business name, a slogan, and lastly the logo and product itself. So we have to do a lot for this project. We have about 2-3 people in a group. You also have the choice to do it alone but that’s intensely stressful and might put you behind a lot. So this challenge will only be presented once to the group of judges you have about 5 minutes to showcase your slide show and business plan. 

We went around the school and asked a few staff members and students to see what they think about the shark tank. We asked him a few questions and they all gave us an answer. Mr.Pulgarin a Spanish teacher at McAullife told us his opinions on the shark tank.  We asked him the question on if you think it is appropriate for 6th graders to have the unit shark tank. His answer was yes but can use some improvement and modifications. We asked another question it was if he was doing shark tank what would he do? He told us he would make an app for people to learn new languages for anyone to access in the entire world free of charge because he thought that anyone should learn a new language. After all, it can always be beneficial. We thanked him for his time and headed down to the library to see who we could ask there. We found about two social studies teachers Mrs. King and Ms. Kelly. We asked Ms. Kelly if they could modify it for other age groups how would they do that? Ms. Kelly said she would have the 7th grade make a 3d model for their presentation. For 8th they would have to make their product in real life. We asked both of them if they think it is appropriate for 6th graders to be doing this project and they both said yes, they think it is appropriate for them and shows them how they might create a business in the future or now if they wanted to. We thanked them and we headed upstairs. 

Upstairs we found the 6th-grade art classroom. We walked in and went up to the teacher. Her name is Mrs. Eckley. We asked her if it was appropriate for 6th graders and she said yes and that it is a wonderful idea for kids. We asked her if she had to make a product what would it be? She told us it would be a robot that will help teachers around the classroom and help with kids. We thanked her and asked if we could take one of her students. We went up to a student and asked her some questions she refused to respond so we let her be we headed back downstairs and went to the design and modeling room. We asked the teacher if it was okay if we took 2 students to ask them questions he allowed us. We pulled out two students, Eva and Shelia. We asked them if they think it was apposite for other grades to do this project, Evba said yes and also said with modifications. Khelia said no and said only for 6th graders. We also asked them what they think this could help us with in the future. They both said yes they both said it can help with speaking in a large group or performing at all, they also said that it could help us with money and stuff like that. 

So we have learned that kids do like shark tanks and think that they can help. That was all we asked we can say that the shark tank is definitely not a waste of time and it could help us. Also can help with the future and could help us learn a lot. In all, it’s just a fun unit and we enjoy it. Thank you for reading this and I have one question for you, what would you do if you did shark tank?