Walk and Talk

Julia Hadzisadikovic, Staff writer

Have you ever noticed when you are walking down the hallway at school during a passing period and you and another student are looking straight at each other and you are the one that moves so you won’t walk into each other? This might not be true for everyone, but this is more common among girls than boys. What I mean by this is that if a boy and a girl are walking in front of each other, the girl is more likely to move “out of the way” so they won’t run into each other. 

So this female student heard about this while she was in her sophomore year of high school and decided to perform an experiment when she would not “move out of the way.” She had been doing this for a month or two and something that she had noticed was that when she would do this there could/would be one of two reactions, one of the reactions that she would get was that they would just get confused and stand there for a brief couple of seconds or they would just look back at her while she would just walk away. 

When I heard about this I thought that it would be a good idea to try it as well. One of the most common reactions that where also very similar to her reactions was that they would just look back at me while I would walk away or they would actually say something like “What the h*ll” or “What the f*ck dude” which were not the most surprising reactions. But when I was in a more crowded hallway they would have no reaction or they would just look back just as if there were fewer people but they would not say anything. So after all this would you give a shot at trying not to move out of the way for anyone?