School Shootings in the Country

isabella gonzalez, Author

There is a lot of school shooting, no matter where you are or what school you go to there will always be some record of school shooting in any school. Well, that brings us to why there are so many school shootings throughout the country. It’s hard to think about kids having to think they are not safe in a school or that they have to worry about a shooting at their school. It can also be hard for kids, mauve they have a parent that works at a school where someone might have caused harm or a sibling that is in the middle of a dangerous situation. 

So why might people cause a shooting? Sometimes people can do it because they are mad. They might be mad towards a person at the school, maybe a student or staff member. Sometimes if a kid was shooting it is to get back at someone that has hurt them or bullied them during their time there. Sometimes if a student does it they might have had family problems or issues at school. Sometimes people are not mentally okay which causes issues and could lead to harm to other students. Those are some reasons people might cause a harmful act at school. 

What could worry students/staff about is why these kids have access to these weapons. It’s worrying why they have their hands on it. As kids, they should not have any type of weapons on them that could cause harm anywhere. It a worrying why kids can have this in their hands. It also worries about why parents have this. Some people could argue for self-defense or to keep their kids safe. Not saying it’s wrong to have weapons for protection but if you have stuff like that you need to keep it in a spot where kids can grab them. It’s honestly a terrible thing to think about.

Back to the question of why there are so many school shootings across the country. Around 450 school shootings happen across the country per year. That’s insane, the number should be lower to number 0.  It’s terrible to think about. Parents have to worry every day about thinking “My kid’s school could get into harm today.” or kids have to think about, “ What if my school went into lockdown today because of a threat someone said?” It’s just the thought of parents having t think about that or kids. It’s not okay and people play it off as a joke. All over the world school boards and governments can take action but they choose not to.