Letter to School Board


Maren Huss, Author

Dear Denver Public Schools Board of Education,

We are McAuliffe International School and we demand justice. We are not safe at school anymore. Some people don’t have the luxury of a safe home. School is their sanctuary. When you eliminate the safety of school, then you eliminate the safe, happy place that some lean on for support. You eliminate their last sanctuary, and that’s just not fair.

At schools across the country, whether they are high schools, middle schools, or even elementary schools, gun violence is a major problem. So far this year, there have been 155 mass shootings in the U.S., and right now, at this moment, that number is still rising.

As our school board, it is your job to keep us safe. Right now, we are not safe. Guns are a fear in our everyday lives. We have to live in the fear that one of us might be next. We have to live in the fear that we might not make it to another day. Please help us. Please help us feel safe when we go to school. We are done with silence. You, as the school board, have to open your eyes. You aren’t doing your job. You’re living in a fantasy. You must be. Because we are not safe. We will never be. Not unless you wake up from your fantasy, open your eyes, and finally help us fix this mess of our world. This has to start with someone. Make it start right here, right now. No matter who you are, you can make a difference. Make your stand, and make it now.