The Covid 19 Outbreak

The Covid 19 Outbreak

Lauryn Casey, Author

Every McAuliffe guardian got an email about 23 teachers across McAuliffe getting Covid 19 on Jan 22, 2023, that the students could possibly go online for a few days. The talk of the school day was all about this sudden virus. Many teachers were out so they had to combine classes and even went as far as combining an eighth-grade Science class in the auditorium. We don’t entirely understand why there was an outbreak. Some students believe they had a party and some believe one teacher had it and spread it.

This is what I thought until I interviewed Jenny, a Nurse at McAuliffe, who said, “A given percent of teachers must be out for the health department to tell us to go online. Someone’s job is to decide the percentage. You should not come to school if you have any symptoms as you could spread them.”

Mrs. Walsh, the journalism teacher here at McAuliffe, had Covid during this week and had it two other times. She said that the hardest thing to make up was lesson work and plans. She felt terrible for leaving all her students so early in the semester.

All in all, the school’s healthy staff really helped out during this time, and because of this McAuliffe could remain open on Monday, January 23rd. To conclude, this was a challenge, but the school was able to overcome it and addressed it well.