Problems of the Snack Shack at McAuliffe


Maren Huss, Author

The McAuliffe Snack Shack is one of the most popular parts of the school day, but there are also many downsides to the beloved snack bar, such as the line and the unhealthy foods.

The snack bar serves chips, cookies, soda, ice cream and other everyday snacks that the average middle school student craves. This works to the downside of all the students, because the line grows to a point where not all students can be served in a quick time period. When this happens, a few students actually end up waiting in line to no avail, and missing the majority of lunch, if not all. This is unfortunate for the students who buy hot lunch, because they wouldn’t have any leftovers from their lunch to eat for a snack in the last period, which means they wouldn’t get much nutrition throughout the school day. 

Another problem of the Snack Shack is that it is an unfair line. Many students join their friends in line, shoving and pushing to get closer to the front and be served sooner. This isn’t fair for all of the other students that get in line properly, joining the back if they decide they want a snack. For all of those students that do join like they should, they are left waiting in line until it closes, and may not get the chance to buy something to eat. 

Yet another problem of the Snack Shack is that many students rely on it some days for lunch. They get in line and buy something to eat, but then they usually only eat that one thing throughout the day. This causes these students to get hungry during the day, which negatively affects their learning. 

Finally, hence the name, the Snack Shack only serves snacks, which usually consists of unhealthy foods. When students do rely on this for a meal during the day, they aren’t getting much nutrition from it. This means that if they play sports, it isn’t great for a source of energy, and even if they don’t play, they aren’t getting enough energy to their brains, so they become tired and lethargic.