What do Teachers Like to do on Their Winter Breaks?


Molly Dirst and Emilie Mullison

The McAuliffe winter break is coming sooner and sooner, and kids are looking forward to the holidays their family celebrates, like Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and many more. But what do the teachers enjoy doing during the holiday break? Many think of teachers as teachers, spending all their time grading and making new lessons, all day, every day. After asking a variety of teachers what they appreciate doing on vacation, we got a combination of replies, 

Sixth Grade Language Arts, Ms. Case: “I love to watch Hallmark Christmas movies and not have to think about work.”

With a similar reply, 6th Grade Language Arts teacher, Mrs. Keeney replied with: “It’s all about relaxing and self-care, also the candles.”

With another response from one of the 6th Grade Science teachers, Mrs. Wade replied with a Colorado fan favorite.“I like to go skiing.”

Along with a heartfelt response from one of the many 6th Grade mentors, Mrs. Homler said, “I love to go visit extended family and spend time with my own family.”

Sixth Grade dean, Mr. Howry states, “Hanging out with family.”

With a cozy, comfortable statement from a sixth-grade Math teacher, Mrs. Brown says, “I love to read books and sit by the fire.”

With a self-evident answer from another sixth-grade math teacher, Mr. Gilbert states, “I enjoy BUZZMATH”

And last but not least, Mrs. Swenson, the lead counselor finally says, “I like to leave town and go to the beach because I don’t ski or do any of the cool Colorado activities.”

Overall, our teachers and the school culture team do super fun and sincere things such as skiing and snowboarding, visiting family, doing activities that we students enjoy, and non-teacher-expected tasks. Happy Holidays!