Mysterious Man


Eila Behl, Author

“Please no,” Rachel cried on the cold marble floor, “Please I’m only 24 this can’t be the end.”

“I’m afraid it is,” replied the mysterious figure pointing the revolver directly at the woman’s heart. The sound of the gun fire echoed into the night. 

Beep, Beep, Beep! Her pink alarm clock blared. Lucy Wright rolled out of bed and smacked the off button. She grabbed her pink robe and stumbled down the stairs to make some breakfast. One egg and one piece of toast smeared in avocado and a dash of pepper. It’s something she had every day, any day this was the divine meal that she enjoyed. 

She took her plate and slid over to the sofa. She switched on the news channel and began to eat. Today there wa-” The phone chimed from over the counter. She sprinted over to catch the call.  “Hello!” She said in a lively voice. 

“ Is this Lucy Wright?” The voice inquired.

“ Yes! And may I ask who this is?” 

“Oh,” there was an odd silence, “This is Todd!”

“Hey how are you?”

“I’m fine, now I need to meet you in the park, it is urgent. Meet me at 4:30!”

Before she could respond the phone clicked on the other end. she stood there questioning what had happened. Why did he want to meet her there? And why was it so urgent.

Later that day, at precisely 4:25 Lucy left for the park. She decided to walk because it was such a nice day outside. Once she arrived at the park she looked at the map to find the playground. One mile?! She thought to herself. Lucy left at the time she did so she could get to the park on time. Now it was 4:29 and she was worried that she wouldn’t make it. She sprinted for it.

She got to the playground right as her clock hit 4: 30. She was out of breath. She found a bench to sit on to rest. Lucy looked around trying to find the man, the only problem was she didn’t know what the man looked like. The time passed slowly while Lucy waited. When she checked the clock again it was 5:00. Where is that mysterious man? She pondered. She shot up and stormed off in the direction of her house. 

Once she arrived she saw a big mahogany box sitting on her porch. She inched toward the prism and stopped before she picked it up, making sure it wasn’t a trap. Finally after she was sure she could touch it she picked it up and stumbled inside. She set the box down on the countertop and trotted upstairs to shower. 

Lucy’s hair was dripping on the floor as she sat there uneasy. There was nothing on the box except a stamp that read, “CAUTIOUS, FRAGILE.” All these weird things had been happening ever since she woke up that morning, why?