Best Energy Drink

Best Energy Drink

There are a lot out there in the world of energy drinks, but which is truly the best? That’s where we come in, we tried some of the top energy drinks to find out.

The scale is out of 20! 5 points are available for taste, 5 for the amount of energy given, 5 for presentation, and 5 for the cost (higher points mean cheaper)!

Red Bull: 3 for the price, at $3.49 for 12 oz, 3 for presentation – it is a little bland, 5 for taste, it was amazing! 4 for energy, definitely gave a good spark.

Overall score: 16/20 We believe this is the best and fairest rating, so far this is the best one (first one so not saying a lot). 

Bang: 3 points for price coming in at $3.49, 4 for presentation looks cool and appealing, 2 for taste it tastes like pure vanilla, 5 for energy; Oh my God, This thing gives you some serious energy! If you need to pull an all-nighter or have some homework, this is the option.

Overall score: 14/20 wasn’t the best tasting, but very much an energy drink.

Ghost Energy: The price of $3.29 is pretty good so we give it 4 points, 5 points for presentation because the can is HEAT and looks awesome plus there is a cool texture. 1 point for taste, it tastes and smells like crab (yes from the ocean). Energy is a 1, it didn’t do anything. This drink was not worth it at all; Don’t try it!

Overall Score: 14/20. 

C4 Energy: Cost is 4 points, also at $3.29, Presentation is a 4 because it looked cool and is a summery color, Taste 5, we got the pink starburst flavor and it is so good, it tastes the same as pink starburst and smells the same. Energy is 3 points – wasn’t the best wasn’t the worst.

Overall score 16/20.

Rockstar: Cost is 3 points at $3.49 is normal. 3 for presentation because we like the colorway of white and gold but there’s nothing special about the design, Taste 4 is yummy in my tummy and energy is a 3 – that much.

Overall score 13/20.

G Fuel: Cost 3, it was $3.49 as well, presentation is at a 4 level, really cool design, Taste is kinda dry but not bad it was given a 3, and energy, after the drink I could do quad edits and made an entire montage in an hour, it gives a lot of energy, 4.

Overall score: 14/20. 

Monster: Cost 4, at $3.29 so a little cheaper than the rest, presentation, 2 wasn’t that cool I don’t know how it’s appealing. Taste 3 is kinda like chalk but the fizz made up for it. Energy 4 was decent not bad, but not crazy. We had also had 7 drinks before that one so our taste was ruined and are caffeine levels were too high, so we couldn’t feel a difference.

Overall score: 13/20 

Prime Energy: Cost 2 was way overpriced for the size of the can, it cost $3.99. The presentation was lame just letters, so 2 points. The taste wasn’t that good, we don’t see the hype, 2. Energy, how on earth is this considered an energy drink it just made me more tired honestly, 1. 

Overall score: 7/20 

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