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The Most Phenomenal Structures In The World

By Coi Reynolds

There are many phenomenal structures in the world, like The Seven Wonders of the World, but more structures aren’t on the list. 

Petra in Jordan is an example of a structural wonder that isn’t on the Seven Wonders of the World. Petra was carved out of a sandstone hill in the southwest region of the Hashemite Kingdom in modern-day Jordan. Experts believe the Nabataens carved Petra in the sandstone stonehill during Hellenistic and Roman times. The name Petra is the ancient Greek word for “Stone.” This name replaced the biblical name of Sela. Archeologists have discovered remains from the Paleolithic and Neolithic Era, and Edomites occupied the area around 1200 B.C. Centuries later, Nabataens made it the capital of their territory.

Machu Picchu is a structure built by the Incan Empire in the fifteenth century. However, it was abandoned when the Spaniards invaded in the sixteenth century. 2,430m above sea level. In the middle of a tropical mountaintop forest. It covers 32,592 hectares of mountains. The main structure is in the heart of the walled city “La Ciudadela” (the Citadel). The incredible astronomical and religious city was unknown to the outside world in 1911. Today, many people flock to Peru to visit the phenomenal structure. 

Dioceltian’s Palace is located in modern-day Split, Croatia. It was built between 295 and 305 CE. Diocletian was among the last Roman Emperors before the Roman Empire’s downfall. He lived at the palace until he died in 316 CE. The palace is part of A UNESCO Heritage Site. It was built as an Imperial City Palace and a Sea Fortress. It covered an area of 7 acres with walls measuring 7 ft thick. With walls 70 ft high on the Adriatic side and 60 ft high on the North Side, Dioceltian’s Palace is truly a marvel.

Although these phenomenal structures are not on the Seven Wonders of The World list, they are still marvels to behold.

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