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The New Pink Sauce


Pink Sauce was a sauce that went viral on the internet for its color. Many issues meant nobody was buying it, which I will talk about more later. Now, the creator whose name is Chef Pii, is back with a new product: the Blue Sauce.


The Pink Sauce was interesting because of its bright pink color, however, problems soon arose when the bottles exploded during shipping. It was 100 degrees Fahrenheit, which caused the honey and milk to react poorly, ruining the Pink Sauce.  


After the backlash, people stopped buying, which meant Chef Pii went into poverty. Then she partnered with Daves Gourmet to make it FDA-approved after going live and saying. “What do you mean FDA approved? I don’t sell medical products!” and going on a biased talk show and meeting one of her critics she and the host said the Pii did nothing wrong except a simple shipping mistake.


Now shes making a new sauce which is blue but I don’t think it will be bought just like the new pink sauce that was made, I don’t think it will do as well as she likes because of her past record of sauce creation

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