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The Most Unhealthy Fast Foods


 Here is a list of the most unhealthy foods from each restaurant. To start the worst item from McDonald’s is breakfast with hotcakes it has 1,150 calories in it which isn’t super bad compared to other fast foods. Next, we have Starbucks, and it’s unhealthy drink is the Grande Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino with 500 calories in it, which is a lot because it’s just a drink that you would have in the morning. The most unhealthy thing from Taco Bell is the XXL Grilled Stuffed Burrito, with beef, and it’s a whopping 870 calories and 41 g of fat. This is very unhealthy because all of the fat in it makes it very bad. The most unhealthy thing from Raising Canes is a Caniac Combo with 1206 calories this isn’t very surprising because everything at Raising Canes has a lot of calories in it. The most unhealthy thing from In and Out is the 4×4 protein style with animal-style french fries in total it has 1650 calories in it this is so unhealthy because it is almost your daily calorie intake and because some people might get this a lot which would make it even more unhealthy having it often.

The most unhealthy thing from Burger King is the Burger -King King Bacon Sandwich with 2,102 calories which is very high considering the daily calorie count is 2000 which could cause obesity. The most unhealthy thing at Chick-fil-A is the cobb salad with nuggets with 810 calories and dressing with it ranges from 25-300 calories That it actually pretty good because it’s the most high in calories item and compared to some other fast food restaurants it’s pretty low. The most unhealthy thing from Dunkin Donuts is the Frozen Mocha Coffee Coolatta with cream, which has 800 calories in it and 96g of sugar, the sugar in this is crazy! That is so close to 2 days worth of sugar. The most unhealthy thing from Subway is the 12-inch Chicken Bacon Ranch Sandwich with 1200 calories in it. That’s pretty good for a sandwich.

The most unhealthy thing from Popeyes is 20 wings which has 3,000 calories, but the sandwich with the most calories is a 6-piece signature Louisiana chicken with 2020 calories. The only time you would have that many wings is when you are at a sports party, but either way if you had that a lot you would be obese. The most unhealthy thing from KFC is Chicken Pot Pie or the KFC Famous Bowl At 720 calories which isn’t bad it probably is the least out of all of them. The most unhealthy thing at Jimmy John’s is The Veggie with 1350 calories in it. The most unhealthy thing from Whataburger is the Chop House Cheddar Burger with 1110 calories. By the way the daily calorie intake should be 1500-2000.

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