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Best Breakfast


What do you have for breakfast in the morning? The best breakfast in America is….. EGGS!! Surprise, right? Fun fact, according to the two thousand people who did this survey people only eat breakfast three times a week. The reason why eggs are so popular is because they have so many uses and there are so many ways to make them.

Usually, teens have cereal, eggs, or nothing at all! Cereal is so popular because “it’s fast and delicious.” Would you rather have a good and fast breakfast or a time-consuming and delicious breakfast? On the other hand, avocado toast takes time to make but is a very delicious, savory breakfast to have.

 Another fun fact is savory breakfast eaters tend to prefer rock and electro music, sci-fi and thrillers, cats, and staying up late. Sweet eaters allegedly prefer classical, jazz, and pop music. Also, comedies, romance, action movies, dogs, and waking up early.




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Hi, my name is Evelyn Ostermick and i'm in 6th grade one fact about myself is that i go to a camp in Minnesota for 1 month this year the past 2 years i have only gone for 2 weeks. I enjoy to play lacrosse and read because lacrosse is my favorite thing to do  and It ´ s fun and reading keeps me calm and the time goes by really fast when i´m reading. My favorite thing to write about is entertainment and sports because it gets people hooked and interested.

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