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Tea vs Coffee


One question that boggles the mind is probably “Which is better coffee or tea?” Now ever since more than a century ago, at the end of the 1800’s, was when coffee first gained popularity and has become a favorite for many people across the world. People have coffee in the morning during breakfast or when it’s night, and try to focus on something without finding it hard to stay awake. But tea was discovered way before coffee. Thousands of years to be exact but still, some people can’t decide which is better, tea or coffee, and everyone’s opinions differ. So let’s list the pros and cons of each delightful drink and see if your opinion stays the same as before. Or if your opinion has changed. 


Teas Pros: Tea can help you feel better and can be used as medicine. Tea can also naturally be sweet depending on the herbs used and has various flavors.  Depending on what taste you have there’s bitter tea, sweet tea, etc.

Tea Cons: Tea can cause stress and also cause anxiety. Sometimes it can have caffeine, which can cause an upset stomach. 


Coffee Pros: Coffee keeps you awake/active. You can also experiment with coffee making it bitter or sweet. Finally coffee can improve a person’s mood.

Coffee Cons: If coffee is drunk too much it can be deadly. Caffeine can cause insomnia, and coffee can stain teeth. Lastly coffee can cause diarrhea 


Now listing these pros and cons, still a coffee person? Or have tea fans seen the bright side to coffee, what do you think, Coffee or tea?


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Marli Findlater, Author
Hi, my name is Marli Findlater I'm a 6th grader who loves bubble tea so much. In my free time I like to do art, read, or watch TV because it's entertaining, (it depends on how I feel).  I'm not sure about what I like to write yet but random subjects do interest me.

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