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The Babysitter

The Babysitter

Beep, beep! Adeli came running in to tell her older sister, Julie, that it was time for breakfast. “Wake up, sleepy head!” said her 5-year-old sister. “Fine,” Julie said groggily with a groan. She got out of bed and went downstairs for the same breakfast she has every day, eggs and avocado toast. In Julie’s world, Ferrilloi, every family was assigned meals. She was sick of this, but she just had to deal with it.  She got dressed and rushed to the bus to greet her friends, Charlotei (Charlotte) and Jaixson (Jackson). Her bus number was 65, which led her to her school LeahAnne Middle School. 

Her math teacher, Mrs. Roketto had just dismissed the class. She has always thought that “Roketto” was a very strange name, but was too lazy to ever look it up.

Ring! Ring! The bell rang two times, for her fourth class, English, for which she knew she had a substitute. Yuck! She went to English class, which she didn’t know why she had to take because she already spoke English.  When Julie walked in, she saw a very old woman standing in front of the board. “My name is Mrs. Médaillon and today I will be teaching your class.”  She stared in shock and whispered to Jaixson, who was in her class, “Who let her in? She’s probably older than the dinosaurs.” Jaixson chuckled and nodded.

“Hey, no talking in this class!”

“Jeez, she’s strict too,” added Jaxson.

“Today we will be learning about planet Earth. A planet that very few believe in.” Everyone had heard the fairy tales about planet Earth, but no one that Julie knew, including her, believed in it. However, when she thought about it, she got a strange feeling it was real. But she had always convinced herself it was just a stupid thought.

“On Earth, everybody can choose their own routine. People even speak different languages on Earth!”

“What’s a language?!” shouted someone from the back of the class.

“Yeah! Sounds like a made-up word!” shouted Charlotei.

“Well, my dear, a language is like how we talk. But instead of everyone speaking just English, they say different words that mean the same thing.” Julie and Chorlotei exchanged looks. The substitute was weirder than she thought. 


Julie’s mother called her name. “What?” she yelled back, annoyed. “Come down here please; we have news for you and Adeli.”

She walked down the steps, annoyed, to the living room where her mother, father, and Adeli were sitting. “This better not be about my older sister who ‘supposedly’ disappeared 11 years ago.”

“No” said Adeli.

Her mother quickly added,  “Your father and I are going on a honeymoon to Rose Island!” Her father said, “We have hired a babysitter who will be taking care of you for the next 3 months. Her name is Mrs. Médaillon.”

Julie’s heart dropped. “Is she the person who is like 65 years old?” asked Julie in disbelief.

“Yes, actually exactly her age.” Julie’s horrified look must have shown because her mother asked if she was alright.

 The rest of the night, she was stunned. She could not believe that she had to deal with a freaky, old “babysitter” for the next 3 months. She came up with a plan.


The next day, Julie woke up and heard her parents say goodbye, and then the door shut. “Hello, darlings! My name is Mrs. Médaillon, but you girls can call me Maddi.”

“Oh! I didn’t recognize you till now, Julie!” 

Julie tried not to cringe and said hello. Julie ran to her room to search up the core for her plan. While she was searching, she came across something.

“ARTICLE 39” Jamison Jack hacked Arone’s life just for Amye to be his girlfriend using the “HackLife” website. The government was fooled and stopped protecting the website while this occurred…” This wasn’t what she was searching for, but she didn’t have to read more to know this was the perfect idea.

“Wakey, wakey, lemon cakies!”

“Maddi, we were assigned avocado toast and eggs… You were assigned lemon cake?” 

“Yes, dear! I’m sorry I forgot. Two avocado toasts coming right up!”

After breakfast, since it was a Saturday, she did more research on “HackLife” and found that the government was guarding the website 24/7. So she not only would have to use the right codes but also distract the government while on her mission to end Maddi’s life. She decided the first step was to find ways to distract the government.

 She went to the park with Jaixson and Charlotei.

“Jaix,” she said, “If you had to kill someone, how would you do it?”

“Julie! What is wrong with you?!”

“Never mind,” she mumbled and looked away.

Back at home, Maddi made their assigned dinner, steak, and potatoes with salted corn. Maddi made herself an entire salmon with lemon flavoring and asparagus for a side.

Adeli shouted, “Why does she get all the good food?!?!” 

“Oh trust me dear,” Maddi started to say, but was interrupted by the doorbell.

When Maddi went to get the door, Julie sprinted to her room to finish putting together her plan. She heard chattering downstairs when she suddenly heard a voice she recognized. It sounded like her math teacher… Mrs.  Roketto. She sneakily walked downstairs to catch part of their conversation. All she caught was, “…she’s planning something awful, Maddi, be careful.” Julie’s face was full of astonishment. How could her math teacher, who has never even been to her home, know about her evil plan? She heard a clunking noise and saw that her math teacher had given Maddi a key of some sort. What could that go to?  She started to think this plan might be a little out of her reach.

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