Ethan the Rescue Dog Has Won the 2022 Hero Dog Competition

Ethan the Rescue Dog Has Won the 2022 Hero Dog Competition

Haley Graff, Writer

Ethan has now won the 2022 hero dog competition in palm springs Florida on November 11, 2022.

This is not the first time He has been recognized publicly. Once before his story was written to inspire others. His adventure to this point as the 2022 hero dog started on a cold January day in a parking lot, where Ethan was found. His harsh condition required immediate medical attention. He weighed 38 pounds, less than half of what he should have weighed. But a deadly lack of food was not the Ethan could not do anything to support himself. He was confused and couldn’t lift his head up at all. On the verge of death, the hero was quickly rushed away to the vet where he was saved.

After Ethan’s long and hard recovery, he did everything possible to make the world a better place. He often could be found comforting kids and elders in need. He even saved lives during a battle. Inspiring many to overcome the difficulties and challenges they face. This is the reason he is now a recognized hero.

Jeff Callaway took care of Ethan in his time of need and the two formed a tight bond. Soon Ethan became a Callaway and now he and Jeff live in Jeffersonville. The bond between them is extremely strong. Most of the time Jeff Callaway takes Ethan everywhere he goes, where he brings joy and smiles to many people.

The hero dog competition is extremely competitive. Around 400 Hero dogs enter but only one wins. This year’s competition was the national humane shelter’s 12th annual hero dog onerous competition. “The Hero Dog Awards were created to honor some of the world’s most extraordinary heroes,” Dr. Robin Ganzert the president of the humane shelter┬ásaid about the annual competition. The winner is decided by over 1,000,000 votes from the public. If you do not already vote you should because of the importance to recognize our K9s for their extraordinary actions.