Cattivella Restaraunt Review


Sophie Lyons, Reviewer

Cattivella is an authentic restaurant by the East Bridge Community at Central Park. They specialize in authentic Italian dishes including many different types of pizza. Cattivella has a dine-in restaurant, a bar, and an outdoor patio. Additionally, they have options for take-out and catering if you’re on the go or want to eat elsewhere. This fantastic restaurant has won many awards, including the Food Ball Best Pasta by Dining Out Magazine, a Traveler’s Choice award in 2020, Best Restaurant from 5280 Magazine, and the owner and head chef, Elise Wiggins, received the Chef of the Year award from Eater Denver in 2018. Since it opened in April of 2017, Wiggins’ goal has been to take you on a culinary journey of exotic, Italian foods.

I had the pleasure of trying the Quattro Formaggi which is a pizza consisting of provolone, fontina, mozzarella, and gorgonzola cheese resting on top of preserved tomatoes and drizzled under cheese fondue. Because the chefs serve the pizza straight from the oven, the wait for it to cool down is tormenting! When you take the slice out of the plate, the gooey cheese stays together so you don’t have a stringy mess. The first bite is an explosion of flavors but it’s not overwhelming. While the cheese can be salty, the tomato flattens out the saltiness and the thyme provides the surprise taste you can feel as you chew. The bread itself is soft but holds together and really ties the whole pizza together.

As for the restaurant itself, delicious food is nothing without a kind waiting staff and amiable aura. Luckily, Cattivella has it all. When my family first entered the restaurant, we were greeted kindly and despite it being a Saturday evening, they had a table for 4 open. Once we sat, we didn’t have to wait too long until a kind waiter came and introduced himself. As soon as we were ready to order, he was quick to take note of it and sent it to the kitchen immediately. Despite the order taking a while, our waiter came back with a delicious warm pizza which took us perhaps 2 minutes to consume. Our whole dinner consisted of 5 drinks, two pizzas, and an appetizer and cost about $70 (not including a tip).

If you are planning to dine in at Cativella’s, you must know that neither smoking or pets are allowed. They occasionally have live music and they do serve alcohol but if you are planning an event for a group bigger than 4 people, I suggest you make a reservation. If you come with a smaller group without a reservation, usually the wait is 5-20 minutes during the weekend but there is almost never a wait on weekdays. I recommend dining at this restaurant because of the customer service and the delicious food! Even though there was a delay, it is a really phenomenal place that deserves the many awards it’s been given.