Beau Jo’s Pizza

Beau Jos Pizza

Max Donnelly, Reviewer

Beau Jo’s pizza is a restaurant that sells “Colorado-style pizza” and has 6 locations around Colorado. You can build your own pizza with a wide variety of ingredients, including many veggie and meat options. Their “Mountain Pie” crust is a fluffy and big crust that you dip in honey for dessert after the pizza. They have restaurants in Idaho Springs, Arvada, Fort Collins, Evergreen, Steamboat Springs, and in Lone Tree.

When you walk into the 40-year-old restaurant you get a sense of an old-fashion. When you sit down a waiter came really fast and takes orders for drinks. They then came back and our family order a bunch of different pizzas. They had the right ingredients for everyone with vegetarian options for my mom, extra meat for my dad, and just plain cheese for my brother. The restaurant was a little loud because there were a lot of people dining and there was a birthday party happening.

Beau Jo’s has many good appetizers including wings, nachos, and cheesy bread. The cheese bread costs $6.5, the nachos cost $7 for half and $13 for the whole. The pizza they sell is based off the pound. There are 2 different types of pizza including Mountain Pies with a huge crust and a Praire pie with fewer toppings. For the Mountain pies 1lb costs $11, 2lb costs $16, 3lb costs $25, and 4lb costs $31. For 1lb of ingredients it costs $2.5, for 2lb of ingredients it costs $3.5, 3lb costs $5.5, 5lb costs $6.5. The pizza is a little pricy but the taste is amazing. Up to 5 people can even share 1 pizza. Even if you aren’t a pizza person you can get sandwiches, pasta, and calzones. If you like alcohol there are plenty of beers, cocktails, and wine.

This restaurant is more for families and friends. There are tables for lots of people and the service is still really fast. I am reviewing the service and quality of food. The service was really fast and one of the best services I have had at a restaurant. Personally, this is my favorite kind of pizza because you get really good quality ingredients but then the crust is just the best. The only problem is that if you like a lot of ingredients the price will add up and start to cost a lot.

I shared a pizza with my brother where he could get his half with cheese and my half with pepperoni and sausage. I would much rather go out to eat at Beau Jo’s than go to a fast-food pizza place like Papa John’s. I also ordered cheesy bread and it was the best cheesy bread I have had at a pizza place. This is a great place you can stop at after skiing. But sometimes you have to wait a long time to get a table. All in all I would rate this restaurant a 5-star. This is my favorite restaurant and I would highly recommend this restaurant. The food is great, the service is great, and the restaurant is just amazing. This is a great place to go after a long day in the mountains.