Kona Grill


Maya Dejene, Reviewer

Kona Grill is an American grill restaurant in Denver that sells many different types of
food from different cultures such as steak, sushi, and so much more. Although it has been a long time
since I last went, I remember my last experience there was amazing. I went with a few friends for a
close friend’s birthday and when walking in the lighting was dim and it had a very modern style
interior. We were seated near one of the two entrances with a table that was able to fit everyone that
came so we were given pretty good seats.

When I went I ordered the KG sliders for $19 which was a reasonable price for something
that was very delicious. All the items that were on the soldiers went really well together, especially
the Hawaiian rolls used. Not only can you get sliders, but fantastic sushi. Most of my friends ordered
California sushi rolls for $12 and thankfully let me have a few pieces so I could try more of the food
there. The sushi as well was very well made and although sushi is made of raw fish, it didn’t
overpower and taste really fishy. The fries that came with the sliders also complemented the food
very well and had a very good texture and were well seasoned, the only problem was that the fries
were a bit cold and felt like they were left out for a while. Not only was the food good, but the
waiters were also very kind and entertaining to talk with. They had a very positive attitude and were
outgoing when talking to us and getting our orders.

If you’re out shopping and start to feel hungry, feel free to go to Cherry Creek Shopping
Center and go to Kona Grill while you’re at it. Kona Grill is located inside the mall but also has its
own entrance to the restaurant outside. I felt that for such a nice restaurant that the food there was
very fairly priced and doesn’t cost too much as some restaurants do. For adults, the drink menu does
offer alcoholic drinks like cocktails and margaritas, as well as many non-alcoholic drinks for those
who are underage. Aside from the food, the restaurant itself is very nice. You are able to make
reservations and I feel that it is most suitable for large families and children rather than for anyone
that would like to go on a date or to have a romantic evening there.

Although I don’t have many complaints there are still pros and cons for everything. It did feel
like we had to wait a while for our food to come out, but other than the fries, the food was still warm
and enjoyable to eat. There was music, but I didn’t enjoy the music that much and it could have been
much better. In conclusion, I would definitely recommend this restaurant to families who would like
to go out for dinner or any large group and I guarantee the food will be great and hopefully to your