Sushi Den Review


Adam W. Bellomo, Reviewer

A 3rd Person Story

Upon arrival at Sushi Den or 1487 SOUTH PEARL ST, the outside seems rather unsuspecting.   The brick and concrete outside appear rather uninteresting, but the moment the door opens up you are transported to a world of fine cuisine and luxury.   A long sweeping bar table with jagged edges careens through the restaurant.  Lighting creates an almost glowing essence inside the restaurant.  Deeper, the building branches out into a flutter of private rooms and dining areas where you and your guests can reside for a meal.   There you sit down, admiring the aroma of fresh fish among other dishes.  A kindhearted waiter posts himself at your table and describes in vivid detail the wonders of the menu.  You make your choice of food and adult beverages and await.  Food arriving now on glistening plates, your eyes dart from plate to plate examining the different colors, and soon-to-be flavors.  You settle yourself and take a bite.  Salmon, seaweed, rice, sauces, oregano, and cucumber all fly into your senses as if a storm of enjoyment all at once.  What?  You fumble asking yourself.  An empty plate?  Since when?  Unfortunately, the time has run out and so has the money in your wallet.  You ready yourself to leave the restaurant, bidding farewell to the flavors, and with an almost euphoric sense of satisfaction, you exit the building.


Sushi Den is an example of incredible fine cuisine and the price tag does reflect that demanding up to 3 dollars a sushi roll.  While they have a strict no-smoking policy you can order a variety of fine adult beverages whipped together by extremely skilled bartenders.   If you choose to bring a child please be sure to keep them peaceful as Sushi Den has a very romantic setting and a screaming child wouldn’t fit so well into that.  While there is little to no live music or entertainment the food itself is entertainment enough.  If any of this interests you, make a reservation at  ( if not possible pop in from 5 pm to 9 pm with a peak waiting time of one hour and 15 minutes in mind.

My Criteria

For this review, my criteria include the following:

  • Cleanness

  • Aroma

  • Flavor

  • Texture

  • Value for money

  • Architecture

  • Service

The Food Itself

First came the edamame, which was fantastic with moisture on its exterior that I enjoyed.  The simple mind-blowing fresh meat found in the Spider Roll was crispy and wonderful with a slight but powerful citrus tinge.  Then the Avocado roll was simple but still refreshing and satisfying with a certain smoothness to it.


Nearly everything was perfect.  Down to every last detail, Sushi den left me in awe of it all.  The floor was completely clean apart from the doorway.  The architecture blew me away with shapes I didn’t even know could ever be integrated into a restaurant.  Not to mention the servers who I found very interesting and polite.  And then there was the food they brought which was simply put, tasted, and smelled fantastic.


While very few there were two to consider.  They wait for both the food and to get in and the prices.  With such high demand, the restaurant simply isn’t large enough causing almost a war between customers just for a seat!  Then came the price which would vacuum up anyone’s money.  I can swallow a hearty price for the food but then there was a parking coupon they gave us that only subtracted 50% of the parking price.  While a small detail, it displayed a nitpicky mindset to me.

Overall Review

Sushi den is a wonderful place, with dazzling food of all kinds of flavors and textures.  You can also expect only the finest service from the staff guiding you through your dinner.  If you choose to go, which I highly recommend, then know that the greatest meal of your whole life will happen on clean floors.


Although one must arrive with deep pockets, Sushi Den will forever remain a memorable restaurant that I will gladly recommend to anyone for its above-and-beyond cuisine and service.